HR Partner Training

Welcome to the HR Partner Training Hub! Here you can find group training sessions for how to best use HR Partner, as well as our knowledge hub and webinars on popular HR topics.

Group Training Sessions

Need some extra help to feel confident using HR Partner? Join our customer success expert, Cara, for an upcoming group training session! These are interactive sessions with a small group where you can ask questions as you learn.

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Performance Management: Reviews and Goals 

Is it time to start planning for your internal review process? Whether it’s probation reviews or a full 360 piece you’re looking to launch, we’ll walk through both our goals and performance review modules to provide you with all the steps needed!

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Building Forms and Checklists

Is it time for a staff survey? Perhaps you’re growing and need a helping hand with onboarding your newbies! We’ll tackle how best to collate data from your employees, cover the basics of building a form, and the different ways in which you can distribute your finished masterpiece.

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Time Off & Leave Management

Are you baffled by your balances or apprehensive about auto accruals? We’ll cover the displayed figures in a leave balance table, the complexities of leave policy setup, and how to ensure your workday templates know what to do on a holiday!

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Struggling to make sense of your sequences or curious about clocking in and out? Get your first timesheet off the ground, and learn about added extras such as project tracking and Xero integration!

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Employee Records Management

Proper employee record management is essential and should be a core focus for every HR pro! Learn how you can best utilize HR Partner features such as employee profiles, bulk updates, and employee reports.

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Upcoming Training Sessions

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Training Sessions! You will be able to sign up for these soon…


From creating a job advert to onboarding a new starter! We’ll cover how to streamline your hiring process and utilize integrations with job boards, interviewing tools, and our latest addition – ChatGPT!



Your data is in the system, but how do you extract it? We’ll walk you through the new interface of our reporting tool, outline some of the most commonly utilized reports, and give you a chance to ask us how to obtain the insights you need most.

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Additional Resources

Don’t have time for the group training sessions or aren’t seeing a topic that interests you? Here you can find our knowledge base and webinars hosted by the HR Partner customer success team.

HR Partner Knowledge Base

Find knowledge articles on all things HR Partner in our knowledge base! Whether you’re curious about integrations and API or recruiting, we’ve got it covered!

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HR Partner Webinar Videos

Access our full library of webinars on popular HR topics ranging from performance management and goal setting to top HR productivity hacks, and more!

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