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01 Feb
write job description

How to Write a Winning Job Description

Your company is top notch and you’re looking for top notch employees. A new position just opened up and you need to fill it soon. You know that this position would be perfect for the right person, and the benefits are competitive.  So you create a job description, publish the listing, and wait. The applications start […]

30 Jan
employee onboarding best practices

8 Employee Onboarding Best Practices for Welcoming New Hires

More than half of employees who voluntarily leave their jobs do so quickly — within the first year of employment, according to a study by Equifax. Clearly, retention is more important than ever. And what else relates to retention that is often (sadly) overlooked? The answer is employee onboarding. And the best companies around know […]

30 Jan
best employee handbooks examples

5 Examples of the Best Employee Handbooks

If you’re sitting there wondering what should be included in an employee handbook, you’ve come to the right place — we’ve scoured tons of employee handbooks for you to find the best examples out there to draw inspiration from. In addition to covering laws and regulations (more on that here), the greatest employee handbooks out […]

30 Jan
employee turnover rate retention best practices

Employee Turnover Rate & Retention Best Practices

Let’s face it: Finding a replacement after a key employee leaves can be downright exhausting. It costs time, money, and — let’s be honest — a little patience. The higher our employee turnover rates become, the more time we spend training new employees again and again and again. The average total turnover among all industries […]

30 Jan
employer branding

6 Employer Branding Best Practices

Attracting and retaining top talent is no easy task. But what if you had top talent knocking on YOUR door (rather than the other way around)? In today’s competitive job market, focusing on your employer brand will help you stand out from the competition and set yourself apart from others. While company branding may not […]

30 Jan
recruitment best practices tips

7 Recruitment Best Practices for Hiring Top Talent

It’s no secret that recruiting talent isn’t easy. Top talent won’t always find your job listing first. Heck, they might already be employed and not actively looking. So, how do you make sure awesome candidates know about your job opening in the first place? Well, often they don’t — which is why it’s important to […]

Take a tour!

There is a lot going on within the app interface in HR Partner (There, we said it!). In talking to some of our new users, they often mentioned that they weren’t sure what certain menus or options did, and they were too nervous to click it to see what happens. We totally understand, which is […]

Holiday Leave Around The World

Seeing as a core feature of HR Partner is the tracking of your employee leave, and that we now have users spread across all corners of the globe, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the legislated holiday requirements that every country has. Who has the best leave conditions for their […]

Integrating StaffStatus with HR Partner

A few weeks ago, we announced StaffStatus, a completely free employee in and out status board that any business can use. We also mentioned that StaffStatus integrates completely with HR Partner, and this blog post is all about showing you how to accomplish that. Normally in StaffStatus, you will have to go through the steps […]

Getting a status report

We are pleased to announce that we now have set up an independent status server in order to give you updates on our service and infrastructure. If ever you experience a performance issue in HR Partner, please visit to see if any of our servers or processes are non functioning. Coincidentally, this morning we […]