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Take a tour!

There is a lot going on within the app interface in HR Partner (There, we said it!). In talking to some of our new users, they often mentioned that they weren’t sure what certain menus or options did, and they were too nervous to click it to see what happens. We totally understand, which is […]

Holiday Leave Around The World

Seeing as a core feature of HR Partner is the tracking of your employee leave, and that we now have users spread across all corners of the globe, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the legislated holiday requirements that every country has. Who has the best leave conditions for their […]

Integrating StaffStatus with HR Partner

A few weeks ago, we announced StaffStatus, a completely free employee in and out status board that any business can use. We also mentioned that StaffStatus integrates completely with HR Partner, and this blog post is all about showing you how to accomplish that. Normally in StaffStatus, you will have to go through the steps […]

Getting a status report

We are pleased to announce that we now have set up an independent status server in order to give you updates on our service and infrastructure. If ever you experience a performance issue in HR Partner, please visit to see if any of our servers or processes are non functioning. Coincidentally, this morning we […]

Partial day leave absences/requests are here!

Ok, one of the most common requests we have had in HR Partner was the ability to record partial days for leave. It seems that many of you have employees who only take a few hours off per day, and you want to still record that. We were getting several requests per week from our […]

Announcing StaffStatus – a side project for HR Partner

We are very excited to announce a new web app called StaffStatus, which is a simple and effective ‘In and Out’ board for your company, so that you can know where your team members are. A manual In and Out board is usually a fixture on most large companies, so that the admin or reception […]

Sending messages to groups of employees

One little known fact of HR Partner is that you can use it as a communication centre for your employees. Did you know that you can select just a particular group of employees and send them an email or SMS broadcast – all from within HR Partner? Some examples of why you would want to […]

Time Zones and Distributed Teams

Did you know that HR Partner supports organisations with distributed teams? You can set up different time zones for different locations, and then on the employee portal, whenever an employee visits their portal home screen or the Employee Directory screen, they will see a display showing their local time plus the times in each location. […]

Employee Pinboards

We are really excited today to bring you yet another new feature in HR Partner – Employee pinboards. What are pinboards? Well, it is an area within the Employee Portal where you team members can post short notices, be they classified ads, or lost and found notices, or even short messages and kudos to congratulate […]

To Do Lists

One of those things that you do in half a day. Over the past few months, a lot of our early users have said that they would love to see some form of simple ‘to do’ list within HR Partner. It turns out that most of you have a myriad of little jobs and tasks […]