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While annual and mid-year performance reviews can be a great way of checking in with employees, providing feedback and tracking progress; creating a culture of continuous feedback throughout the year has been shown to have even greater benefits for both employees and employers. Regular feedback helps employees feel valued and understood, contributing to a more […]

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The Olympic Games are a global phenomenon, bringing excitement and …disruption to workplaces. As a HR professional, you know the struggle of managing leave requests and maintaining productivity during these mega-events. But fear not! This playbook equips you with winning strategies for navigating the Olympic wave and keeping your team engaged. Here are some practical […]

Managing time
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If anyone needs to master time management, it’s HR professionals! But time management isn’t just about keeping track of your hours. It’s a holistic approach that involves organizing, planning, and scheduling tasks to maximize productivity and effectiveness. When done correctly, mastering the clock can help achieve more quality work in less time. Whereas inefficient use […]

Employee Appreciation
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You might spend a large portion of your time thinking about your employees, but do they even know you care? As most successful business operators know, the real game-changers behind successful companies, are the people. The old playbook of merely meeting basic employee needs is outdated and the modern workforce demands flexibility, inclusivity, and a […]

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The workforce has undergone significant changes over the past few years, and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 accelerated the evolution of how we work. As companies across the globe quickly adapted and restructured to remote working, this model surprisingly proved to be successful, even boosting productivity among some organizations. While the traditional in-person 9-to-5 work […]