New Hire Checklist Template

Congratulations if you’ve just employed a new team member! To ensure your employee’s start is seamless, we’ve prepared a new hire checklist template to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

There’s a lot to consider when onboarding a new employee, but if you have a good process, like the new hire checklist template here, you can minimize the stress (and demonstrate that you and your organization are on top of your HR!)

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New Hire Checklist

New Hire Checklist Template

A 52 point checklist to ensure your new team member is onboarded thoroughly, without missing anything!

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This new hire checklist is broken into sections by the timing…

New Hire Checklist – 1 Month Before Starting

  • Send offer letter
  • Send employment contract
  • Provide details of start date (+ time and address for place of work)
  • Order any equipment the employee will need (eg computer, desk, phone, etc)
  • Order any supplies the employee will need (eg business cards, uniforms, etc)

New Hire Checklist – 1 Week Before Starting

  • Send welcome letter and employee handbook (include their arrival time, address and map, parking / public transport, dress code, and plan for their first day)
  • Enter employee records in your HR system – including their name, address, contact details, position, start date, compensation, etc.
  • Send a new hire announcement message to the company announcing the new hire’s start date and encouraging everyone to welcome them onboard
  • Set up the employee’s office space
  • Create an email address for the employee
  • Arrange computer and software system login details
  • Select and notify an onboarding buddy to welcome the new hire (or their direct manager can also perform this role)
  • Create a plan for the employee’s first week – arrange for them to spend time with key people or departments
  • Set date and reminder for probation period and review

New Hire Checklist – Day One

  • Welcome new employee
  • Show them to their working area and ensure they have everything they need
  • Give the employee any equipment they need and explain the policies related to those (key card, phone, etc)
  • Introduce the employee to their onboarding buddy
  • Give the employee an orientation tour of the office (be sure to show them restrooms, kitchen, parking, office supplies, etc)
  • Review job duties and expectations
  • Tell them how success is defined in their role
  • Ensure employee can access their email and other core systems (chat, project management, role-specific systems)
  • Collect details and paperwork from the employee (eg tax forms, bank account details, other details needed for your HRIS)
  • Explain the plan for the employee’s first week and discuss with them
  • Ensure employee has submitted all forms and information for payroll
  • Explain how the timing of payroll works and any other compensation
  • Explain any other benefits (eg insurance, bonuses, perks to take advantage of, etc)

New Hire Checklist – Week One

  • Encourage the employee to send out an introductory message to the company (show them past examples to reduce the stress of this)
  • Get to know the immediate team – perhaps a team lunch or introductory meeting where each team member gets to explain their role and talk about themselves
  • Go over the employee handbook
  • Review other relevant company policies (eg code of conduct, safety policy, etc)
  • Assign any required reading / training
  • Introduce the employee to other departments & explain how the company works
  • Introduce the employee to senior executives
  • Overview upcoming key company projects
  • Assign the employee their first goal or project/s
  • Ensure employee is aware of key upcoming dates, social events, etc
  • Check in with employee every day during their first week – ensure they meet with key people and everything is working fine
  • Setup weekly 1:1 meetings with the new hire’s direct manager

New Hire Checklist – Month One

  • Review progress on their first goal or project/s
  • Check employee payroll is running smoothly
  • Conduct an informal performance review
  • Give more of an overview of the company, including the mission and vision, company values, key milestones, company goals, etc
  • Discuss how the employee’s role fits into the bigger picture – revisit the job duties and expectations of the role, and especially, the success metrics
  • Discuss and set next projects and goals
  • Invite employee to connect on company social media accounts
  • Get employee set up with company training sessions

New Hire Checklist – 3-6 Months

  • Conduct probationary performance review
  • Discuss and set new projects and goals
  • Discuss career development plan
  • Schedule next performance review
  • Collect feedback from employee on onboarding process

Some HRIS systems (including HR Partner) also allow you to create onboarding checklists / new hire checklists within the software. These are great because you can include all the documentation and tasks that you want your new hire to go through (eg watching a certain video, uploading files, reading files, etc). Here’s how to create a new hire checklist in HR Partner.

Whether you use a manual new hire checklist template or an onboarding checklist that’s incorporated into your HR system, the philosophy is the same: ensure your new hire has everything they need to have the best chance of succeeding in your organization.

Don’t forget to download this new hire checklist template so that you can customize it to suit your organization’s needs. It’s one more way you can look like the professional HR manager that you are!

New Hire Checklist Template: Your employee’s first day, week, and month

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