Do you spend countless hours wrestling with spreadsheets and formulas while your team dreams of palm trees and exotic adventures? We’ve all been there. Leave calculations can be a real nightmare, especially with all those complex factors to juggle. Which is why we’ve simplified the process for you.

Introducing the HR Partner Leave Calculator: Your key to saying goodbye to formulas forever and helping your team turn their vacation dreams into reality! ️

This free online tool is designed specifically for busy HR professionals (that’s you!). It eliminates the need for manual calculations, saving you valuable time and frustration. That means more time for strategic HR initiatives, and less time working out which formula to use!

Here’s how it keeps you and your team smiling:

Onboarding new employees? The free leave calculator helps you seamlessly onboard your new team members and calculate their starting leave entitlements from day one.

Ready to ditch the formulas and embrace a simpler way of calculating leave? Check out the HR Partner Leave Calculator (did we mention it’s free?!)

Bonus tip – Want to take your leave management to the next level? Book a demo to see how HR Partner can automate your entire leave management process.

Free Leave Calculator = Happy HR Teams

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