Free HR Templates

Free hr templates

Welcome to our library of Free HR Templates!

All of these templates are created in commonly used programs so you can edit them to suit your purposes. We will be adding to this resource regularly so remember to check back here if you need other templates.

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Free Policy Templates

HR people shouldn’t have to start from scratch every time you want to create a new policy! Here’s we’re building out a library of standard policies that you can take, and make your own. You can download editable versions of these, totally free of charge.

Working from Home Policy

Working from Home Policy

If you’re suddenly finding that you need a Working from Home Policy, we’ve got your back. Download this and customize to suit your organization.

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Free Performance Review Templates

To make it easier for small and medium businesses to conduct regular performance appraisals, we’ve prepared here 4 of the most commonly used types of performance reviews. And yes, we’re providing editable versions of these, totally free of charge.

annual performance review template

Annual Performance Review – Long

This is a traditional, long-format performance review that is typically used by many types of businesses. This contains broad questions that are suitable for any position or level. Contains a section for supervisors/managers as well. It is designed to measure the employee’s performance.

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Self Appraisal Form for Review

Annual Performance Review – Self Evaluation

This template is for employees to do a self-evaluation before participating in a performance review meeting. The questions mirror that of the questions on the Review form that the manager should complete. It is typically paired with one of the performance review types above.

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Short Performance Review One Page

Annual Performance Review – Short

As a different option, this template is a much shorter, one-page performance review format for businesses that want to do interim reviews (eg 6-monthly) or expedite the review process. It is not necessarily done in annual/formal manner, but can still gauge everyday performance.

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360 degree review form

360 Degree Feedback Review

For businesses wanting to seek confidential, 360-degree feedback from a sample of the employee’s peers and co-workers, this is a great option. The feedback is tallied and combined by an HR team and shared with the employee’s manager for review.

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For each of these HR Templates, you can download them in a PDF version, Word Document or Pages Document (for Mac users). If you want to edit them, the Word or Pages versions will be a better option.

We hope these save you some time and help you improve the quality and regularity of your performance reviews! If you know anyone that would benefit from these templates, please don’t hesitate to send them here.